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Each organization is unique as is each leader within that organization. We collaborate with you to tailor our leadership solutions to design one that is uniquely effective for your organization and for your leaders.​

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Our Solutions 

Our leadership development programs help leaders develop the right awareness, skills, and mindset to transform the way they lead themselves, their team, and their unit/organization so as to deliver results, manage up and across effectively, and be ready to take on a more senior and challenging role if and when the need arises. Some of our signature programs include,

Embark Leadership Development Program

Embark Leadership Development Program 

This leadership development program for middle managers includes  coaching and training. It's a step-by-step guide, live classes, and role plays designed to help middle managers excel as a leader and create sustainable results.  Participants will learn about leadership mindset, giving and receiving effective feedback, how to coach their team for better performance, emotional intelligence and effective communication. 

Ascend leadership development program

Ascend Leadership Development Program

This coaching program is uniquely designed to combine assessments, tools, exercises, and group coaching sessions to help participants develop their skills and confidence to manage-up, impact the wider business, and foster a more harmonious and productive work environment. Leaders will learn the skill to influence with or without authority, and be ready to take on a more senior and challenging role if and when the need arises.

Empowering leadership development program

Empowering Leadership Development Program

This leadership development series package is uniquely designed for senior leaders and executives. This program includes  assessments, tools, and one-on-one coaching sessions to discuss most pressing business challenges that affect the executive, their employees, and the organization.

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Team building workshop list

Team Building  Workshop 

Our team building session is designed to combine DISC & EIQ assessments and a team building workshop to allow team members to learn about the different personality types, about each-others personalities, and how to communicate with each other and create a productive work environment. The workshops are fun and full of activities that engage the team.

Communication for leaders program

Communication for Leaders Series

A program designed to coach leaders on effective and impactful communication. The program focuses on the key aspects that make a speech impactful such as effective communication for the workplace, presentation skills, and presence. Participants will explore practical communication strategies to deliver an impactful speech and most importantly to convey the message and get the response desired from the  communication 

Facilitation and training services

Facilitation & Training

We work with your Subject Matter Experts (SME)  to design and deliver training using your content and facilitate workshops and business roundtables for leaders as well as team members. 

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