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Where leaders transform the way they lead, transform their business, and create impact that matters.

We design unique leadership development courses for each level of leadership. All of our courses are designed to bring a shift in mindset and are immersive courses that include online /live classes, reflection questions, group exercises, and role plays. Our curriculum is based on adult learning principles and designed to meet all types of learning styles. Participants, whether attending in-person or via the virtual classroom, are guaranteed a quality learning experience. Most of our courses are two-to-three hours in length, and designed to engage participants.

Transitioning into a management role is exciting but challenging for many reasons. The skill set one needs to succeed as a manager is very different from the skillset one needs to succeed as an individual contributor. Transitioning from peer to leader (manager) is a big shift new leaders have to navigate, and studies show that most new managers fail within 2 years. Participants in this course will learn the shift in mindset managers need to make to succeed in their new role as a leader. Objectives - Learn the four mindset shifts every leader needs to make to succeed in leading others. - Learn the difference between management and leadership. - Explore best practices to successfully manage the transition into a leadership role and to effectively lead former peers. Know (through assessment- DISC) leadership and communication styles, and develop a leadership statement. Target Audience: Middle Managers - Must have been a manager for at least 3 months and have a minimum of one direct report to benefit from this course.

In this course, managers will learn the different types of feedback that work and the types of feedback that leads to defensiveness and resistance. Participants will develop the skills to give, ask for, and receive feedback. Managers will learn how to give feedback for excellence, feedback to help their team members improve their performance, corrective feedback, and feedback to help elevate and promote their team. ​ Objectives ​ - Develop the skills to give effective feedback that empowers and transforms. - Identify types of feedback that work, and feedback pitfalls to avoid. - Identify and explore challenges when giving feedback through role plays and come up with strategies to overcome them. - Learn strategies and practices to ask for and receive feedback from direct reports, peers, and managers. Target Audience: Mid - Senior Managers - Must have been a manager for at least 3 months and have a minimum of one direct report to benefit from this course.

Studies show that organizations whose leaders successfully empower through coaching are four times more likely to make fast & good decisions and outperform their industry peers. Participants in this course will learn the importance of coaching and the fundamental skills of an effective manager as a coach. Objectives: - Learn about coaching practices and a coaching model that empower the team to perform better. - Learn about coaching styles that increase team and employee performance. - Identify the types of questions that inspire and lead to productive coaching conversations. Target Audience: Leaders at all levels

Emotional intelligence not only distinguishes outstanding leaders but is also linked to strong performance. Studies show that when senior managers have a critical mass of emotional intelligence capabilities, their divisions outperform yearly earnings goals. Participants in this course will learn the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, and it's importance to leading and performing better. ​ - Learn about the importance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership. - Explore the 5 key components of emotional intelligence. - Develop skills to understand emotions and how emotions influences day-to-day leadership practices - Understand the difference between sympathy, empathy, and compassion and how to solve problems through the lens of compassion. ​ Target Audience: Leaders at all levels

Connecting Dots
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Nejat led a session on Managing-Up at our Women With Vision mastermind. The insights she shared on influence vs impression really hit home with me. Being a strong leader has to go further than leaving a good impression – we have to think about the influence we make and the lasting imprint that we as leaders have the ability to make. I had never deeply researched the topic “managing up” and wow the session was definitely eye opening.   

Laura Brandao, Chief Growth officer, EPM 

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