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Micromanagers and jerk bosses are actually not the worst type of bosses for your career.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Micromanagers and jerk bosses are actually not the worst type of bosses for your career.

You know who is?

It’s a manager who is accepting of your acceptable work.

He/she doesn’t challenge you with exciting/challenging projects to help you level up and doesn’t hold one-one meetings to discuss your career goals. At the same time, he/she does not bother you, isn’t micromanaging you, and is almost non-existent.

He/she leaves you in a state of comfort. You know what? You’ll be okay/good for now; the problem is though - good is the enemy of great.

While a micromanager and a jerk boss is making your work miserable for now, he/she at-least will annoy the heck out of you and you will be moved to action (you’ll either find another job, change department, start your own business, or do something else).

A micromanager and a jerk boss is definitely bad for the organization, will increase cost of retention, increase employee turn-over, but you will move to a better place.

As they say, behind every successful professional and entrepreneur lies a bad manager who annoyed them to action :)

So, my friends, if you have the type of manager who is good enough, but not actively helping you grow, run away. While the comfort zone feels great for now, it’ll stagnate your career-growth.

Growth is on the other side of comfort zone.

If you reflect on your career growth, it’s either because great leaders led you to growth, or bad bosses made you so uncomfortable that you had to seek growth on your own. It’s never because of the good, average boss, who accepted your mediocrity and was non existent.

So work with great leaders, and most importantly be a great leader for your team.


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